Mopar Trivia Contest

We have a winner! Congratulations to Steven Hanson, one of eight people who submitted correct answers to all five questions. We put all eight names in a hat and Editor Richard Kratz’s twelve year old son David pulled Steven’s name out (and Steven, David says congratulations too!). Steven will be receiving a MoparMax T-shirt and some cool vintage car magazines from Steve Magnante’s collection.

Here are the questions and answers:

1) We all know Chrysler built plenty of low deck 361, 383 and 400 cubic inch big blocks with 2-barrel carburetors for basic bread and butter commuter cars. But did Chrysler ever make any raised deck big blocks with a 2-barrel induction setup?

Answer is YES. In 1959 and 1960 a special 383 cubic inch RB was made at the Trenton plant and offered with 2-barrel induction. These engines rated 305 hp and were standard equipment in Chrysler Windsors. Like all RB intake manifolds, the unconventional 2-barrel manifold is too wide to fit atop a low deck big block.

2) 1970-'74 Challenger and Barracuda trunk floors feature one very specific difference that prevents their interchangeability. What is it?

Answer: The Barracuda gas tank filler neck is behind the rear license plate. The Challenger gas tank fill tube is located on the passenger side of the rear quarter panel. Challenger trunk floors have provisions for the gas fill tube to pass through and into the gas tank. Barracuda trunk floors lack this hole and its surrounding architecture.

3) Are valve covers interchangeable between 1965 Race Hemis and a 1966 Street Hemis?

Answer, NO. The contour of the left-hand end of the heads is different. The Race Hemi has a straight end while the Street Hemi has a slightly curved end. This prevents swapping valve covers and valve cover gaskets between head types. The curved configuration was added to Street Hemi heads to allow room for an optional power steering pump.

4) The Slant Six shares its crankpin diameter with which Chrysler V8 engine family: A; the 426 Hemi, B; the 273 / 318 / 340, C; The 1951 DeSoto FireDome.

Answer, A. The Slant Six has the same 2.75 diameter main bearing journal as the 426 Hemi - which is also shared with all RB series 383, 413, 426 and 440 wedge V8's.

5) The mighty Dana 60 series passenger car rear axle got an important change for 1970. What major feature was changed?

Answer, the axle shaft diameter was increased for added strength. As such, the new axles got 35-splines versus the 30-spline configuration used in 1966-'69 passenger car applications. Naturally, mixing axles between the two varieties is not possible since the differential side gears are also specific, i.e. 30 or 35 splines.

And don't forget to check back next month when we'll have a brand new contest!