Mopar Trivia Contest

Unfortunately, no one won our December 2011 “Mystery Engine” contest. The correct answer was the obscure V8 aluminum AMC engine that is the subject of Steve Magnante’s column elsewhere in this issue. And yes, we know the AMC-Chrysler link is a bit thin, but this engine is so odd we couldn’t help but wonder if anyone other than Steve knew about it. Apparently not.

Since we want someone to win the MoparMax T-shirt and cool vintage car magazines from Steve’s collection, we begged him to come up with a trivia contest where more than just one person on the entire planet could know the answers. He did and the five questions are below. We’re embarrassed to admit that we got one of the answers wrong. Can you do better than our 4 out of 5?

1) We all know Chrysler built plenty of low deck 361, 383 and 400 cubic inch big blocks with 2-barrel carburetors for basic bread and butter commuter cars. But did Chrysler ever make any raised deck big blocks with a 2-barrel induction setup?

2) 1970-'74 Challenger and Barracuda trunk floors feature one very specific difference that prevents their interchangeability. What is it?

3) Are valve covers interchangeable between 1965 Race Hemis and 1966 Street Hemis?

4) The Slant Six shares its crankpin diameter with which Chrysler V8 engine family:

A) The 426 Hemi
B) The 273 / 318 / 340
C) The 1951 DeSoto FireDome

5) The mighty Dana 60 series passenger car rear axle got an important change for 1970. What major feature was changed?

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