The biggest offering ever of rare Mopar muscle cars may have just happened in Florida

Millions at Mecum for Mopars

Big crowds were part of Mecum’s Kissimmee 2016 event, but so was big money.

The yell ‘SOLD!’ and the sound of an auction gavel hitting its hardwood base is music to the ears of both buyers and sellers. Cars are among the most notable collectibles that get sold this way, and when the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, Florida’s Osceola Heritage Park had heard the final echo from the auctioneers’ stand in late January, the Mopars had again proven they were indeed blue chip contenders in the automotive marketplace.

In fact, they took the top slots. This event itself was unique in that two important collections crossed the block on Friday. One consisted of an amazing group of Hemi convertibles and other special cars formerly owned by Brett Torino. These were cars that, for the most part, had never been offered to the general public through an auction; Torino did not display them with any regularity, and nobody was sure what to expect. The second group came from Wayne Schmeeckle of Colorado, who culled some amazing original and rare vehicles of all makes from his discriminatingly-assembled collection to cross the platform in Florida. Add to this a Hemi Charger 500 from the Don Garlits collection, a number of great cars out of Canada thanks to the very favorable rate of exchange at the moment, and a nice variety of others cars, and the plane and admittance tickets to attend Mecum Kissimmee 2016 made a lot of sense. You will likely NEVER see a gathering of rare Mopars offered for sale in one place as you did here, a group that Mecum proudly called ‘Monumental Muscle’ in its pre-event promotional media.

While there are good quality cars being offered all week long during the 10-day event, the crowds and things began to really build steam on Thursday. A number of good sales occurred that day, including the Petty Enterprises Challenger kit car (lot T156, $47,500), a ’70 Swinger 340 with factory air (T85, $23,000) and a 70 Challenger 440 Six Pack (T262, $61,000).