The month of July is here, and many of us will find time to get away and enjoy down time with our families. While it's easy to find enough things to fill up every minute of that time so that you're more tired when you get back home than when you left, it's also nice to be able to sit on the beach, or at your hotel pool, or in a rocker at Yellowstone. Reading is one way you can take some time to regroup, and as a major book geek (no lyin’, it’s true), I thought a few recommendations would be good for this month. Some of the books listed below are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, while others may be a search.


Don Garlits & His Cars - Don Garlits
ISBN-13: 978-0-615-30266-9
 (To order, call the Garlits Museum at 877-271-3278 or 20.00 autographed

Nobody in the history of drag racing (and perhaps auto racing) has had the amount of background published about his life as Big Daddy Don Garlits. This book was something Garlits released back in 2009, but I bought a copy at PRI last winter and have found it to a great way to sit for fifteen minutes. Hardbound and coming in at 274 pages, this book has 83 chapters, each containing 2-3 pages on performance cars that Garlits campaigned and even street-drove over the years with many of his personal recollections brought in as well. He goes into detail as to how the originals were built and by whom, and then whether the car still exists and the story of finding it. If you are not big on ‘getting buried’ in the narrative, this one will let you move in and out of various parts without losing your reference points. You’ll definitely want to read about the 1964 fuel Dart. Getting one from the museum signed by Big himself is very cool, too…