The ugly, the bad and the good

'm sorry that I didn't turn in a story last month. I was a bit depressed. The problem was that every time I sat down to write I couldn't help but think about my wounded Max Wedge. You see, we went to a test and tune at our local track and what should have been a casual day turned into a catastrophe when a valve broke and did terrible damage to our most precious bullet.

I've done worse but never to a motor as expensive as this. We were able to load it up and head for home without tipping our hand but we knew that there was something drastically wrong. Fortunately, we were close to home so we didn't have to spend a long road trip wondering what we were going to find when we opened it up.

Eeew! This is a custom piston (top) from CP. It cost a couple hundred bucks and now it's on the way to the beer can factory. What you can't see here is the cylinder wall, which is damaged enough to require a sleeve. Just looking at it makes me want to throw up in a trash can. We were supposed to be racing with this thing and now we have to dump a bunch more money and time into it. 

This might be even more heart breaking. This head (bottom) is junk. Mopar has made three generations of Stage III heads. The first were made in '64, then around ten years ago they got NHRA approval to manufacture a fresh run of them because the supply was drying up from the demands of collectors and racers. That run was somewhat disappointing because they didn't use the best castings. None the less, that's what we have because that's what was available at the time we started this engine build. They have since come out with a new and improved version. Fortunately, our engine builder has a spare head of the correct generation for us.