I finally get to put the 2010 racing season behind me. It used to be a bittersweet time of the year for me but this time I'm glad for the break so I can put my program in order for next year. This last season was not so good in some ways. I'm trying to learn my lessons and move forward. There was bad luck but I also have give myself some credit. The number one lesson was that I ended up biting off more than I could chew. Building a second Stock Eliminator car made it financially impossible to repair the wounded Max Wedge engine in my wagon so it had to sit the whole NHRA season out. At least that gave us the time and resources to finish making Brutus ready to run as a stocker. We continued to grow together as a team while we campaigned our '70 Chrysler wagon and Brutus in test mode. When I first started drag racing I never would have imagined having a team but it turns out to be one of the most satisfying parts of the sport. Everybody does their part towards a common goal. Problems are solved. Success is shared and celebrated.

I went to Florida and visited our buddy Dan Dvorak in Waldo. He had great news. Our block was repaired and ready to put back together. He had successfully sleeved both of the ruined bores. Of course I still need to buy some expensive pistons and replace a head but he's working on that--he's part of the team! What I really need is to build a back up motor one of these days. Maybe if I can refrain from blowing up this one again I'll get it together next off season.

Here is Dan's handiwork. Some rich guys actually sleeve all eight bores just because it makes the engine stronger. Two is enough for my wallet. I'm so thankful that we are able to save this block. There is a ton of money and love in it. Check out the blue printed/bushed lifter bores. Want to go fast? Pay for tricks like this. We hope to go faster than ever with it. The rules are constantly changing so there is always the potential for improvement. If I told you anymore I'd have to kill you. Seriously, we are very close to having our Savoy Wagon ready for the track again before the new year. This part of the puzzle is coming together. Dvorak is a good friend and a very positive voice and I was glad that I got to visit him.