My Latest Mopar

Due to the economy, a friend of mine recently lost his house painting business and needed to liquidate some of his collection to raise funds. I stepped up and purchased one that I had been fantasizing about since he first stashed it in my yard a couple of years ago. It's a '65 Plymouth Belvedere II, a two door post car. It was a good deal but the main reason that I got it was "Muscle Mopar Envy". You see, it's finally decent weather up here and all the cool old muscle cars are out cruising the highways. My crew chief has been rolling in his wife's big block '66 Plymouth Belvedere II and our friend Duane just purchased a super cool '68 GTX 4 speed project that I lust after. I might have one of the baddest race cars at the track and a shop full of high compression big block race motors but I still drive a Mercedes four door diesel or a Toyota minivan every day. What kind of example am I setting for my kids? 

This is my crew chief's car. Actually, it's his wife's car. Under the hood lurks one of our old Sportsman 440 motors. It runs mid thirteens in "D" on the tires it rolled in on. 

This is a project that you can sink your teeth into. The floors are perfect. It's got a tired old 383 in it that's got to go to make room for a fresh 440. It's a factory four speed car and the original 4.10 geared Dana 60 is still in place. Duane has already upgraded the front brakes. Plans are to paint it the original light metallic blue. The body has some surface rust but it's basically in good shape. My Plymouth is the same shade of blue and just as gone on the roof and hood. It seems that back in the day none of the Big Three could make this color stick to a car or truck.