eing the happily married father of two beautiful children, I can't say that September 26, 2009, was the best day of my life, but it sure is up there in the top ten somewhere. That is the day that I won my first drag race. I've been to the final round twice before but never for anything like this, the last Division 6 race of the season at Champion Raceway in Medford, Oregon.

My crew and I managed to get five win lights in a row to earn a Divisional "Wally", one of the more coveted trophies in NHRA drag racing.

We arrived in Medford on Wednesday night after a nine-hour haul from Seattle. We wanted to take advantage of the Thursday test and tune session. We didn't really have anything to test but we wanted to shoot the big wagon down the track as many times as possible before "winter vacation."

As driver of this crazy thing, I have to tell you that it is a blast. It's four thousand pounds of badass! Driving it, however, is nothing compared to hearing from the fans. It makes us feel so good to get all these great responses to this car that we have spent so much work on. It makes it all worth it.