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We didn't care about the price of fuel or the value of the American dollar. Our wagon was ready for Stock Eliminator so we packed it up and headed North to Mission Raceway in beautiful British Columbia. Here are some photos of the Mopars and racing action we saw there.

It's great to be back. We love NHRA drag racing and it loves us. Check out our brand new Good Year D4B radial slicks--fancy!  There is a constant stream of people checking out our big wagon whenever we bring it out. I love it when people ask if it's an old race car or tell me stories about watching it race in the sixties.

That's the crew chief, Dr. Big Block, in the back ground. He kept the big 426 running like a top all weekend. Real race cars get the battery(s) charged between every run. The drone of gas powered generators is relentless. That little yellow tube between the carbs is attached to a spring loaded valve that lets you drain off a sample in a UA cup for the tech inspectors after every round. Our fuel costs twelve dollars per gallon. That's just racing. What really bugged us was that beer costs SIXTY AMERICAN BUCKS a case in Canada.

I've faced off against the Camaro in the other lane several times. The previous owner beat me in front of ESPN cameras at the 2005 North West Nationals. This was just a time trial and I had fun showing the current owner the tail lights of the old station wagon. Stock is like a social club and we're all friends until we pull up to the starting line for eliminations.

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