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Where There's Smoke, There's Fire!

We finally got a wagon out to the drag strip in 2008! We went to a Friday test and tune session at Pacific Raceway to see what our stocker would run with our fresh high compression Max Wedge, new transmission and gears. The temperature was in the low fifties, which is nice for internal combustion but questionable for traction. I was going to run regardless, I haven't been down a drag strip in five months and it was starting to make me crazy. Five of us made it to the track and we were all very grateful that the weathermen were wrong when they called for rain. The weather here has been 95% cold and rainy for SIX MONTHS! Seattle residents are generally wet and crazy right now. I saw someone washing their car in a hail storm the other day...we need help!

This is my office. I build cars for myself to be as simple as possible so I can concentrate on driving. After 1500 runs down the track I know that I'm a spastic idiot behind the wheel. This year the NHRA outlawed the use of hand-activated two steps in Stock. In other words, they banned the button so we all have to launch our cars the old fashioned way--with the pedals. I never had any buttons anyway so the rule change actually means nothing to me. That big Dodge tiller is from some late Sixties B body musclecar. It's enough of a pain in the ass to work around that I'm starting to think about getting one of those detachable race car steering wheels. 

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