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Wagons Of Steel Season Preview

It's hard to believe it's almost spring time! The birds are out, the days are getting longer and racing season is right around the corner! Yikes! We always seem to set the bar pretty high for ourselves around here and this year is no exception. In our most ambitious off season yet, we have put plans in motion to field four race wagons this year. What makes us try to do such a thing? Bad judgment? A blow to the head? A huge sponsor finally stepped up? Nah, we're just nuts for drag racing Mopar station wagons. If you've come up to us at the track and told us how much you like watching us race then it's partially your fault. We have the best fans at the track and they keep us coming back year after year with faster and faster cars. Here is a look at what we've put on our plate for this year.

We call this project "the Super Wagon." We've been working on it for six years. Actually, it's been in progress for six years. A friend took three of that to get the interior tin work done. My partner, Mike Brenno, and I have been pretty dutiful about working (and spending money) on it. It's got a full roll cage, a narrowed Dana 60 with 4.56 gears, a spool, and Moser axles. It's set up for really big tires. It's currently sitting on custom super stock leaf springs which should get the job done while we shake it out with a mild motor. Plans call for eventually upgrading to a complete Cal Tracs system like the one we run on our Stock Eliminator wagon. We have a complete disc brake system that should be good for slowing the big tank down from as fast as we can make it. Since it's going to be all steel except for the fiberglass '68 Hemi hood scoop, we want the best brakes we can get!

I paid a couple hundred bucks or something like that for this beast a long time ago. The owner had this smirk on as if to say, "I can't believe you're giving me money for this piece of crap!" Mike and I couldn't believe someone was letting a straight, rust free '67 Dodge Coronet go for a couple of hundred bucks! The nose alone was worth that, not to mention the rear end and interior stuff. Needless to say, we were all happy with the deal. I've planned to make it a drag racer since the day I bought it. We're going to paint it blue with white panels like the old Roger Lindamood "Color Me Gone" cars. We pulled all the trim off and welded up the holes. Hours of body work really pay off. If you ever figure out some other way of doing it, let me know.

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