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UNFINISHED BUSINESS: How to Build a Race Car in an Afternoon!

The greatest compliment that anyone can pay us when we're at track is to ask us if this wagon is from "back in the day." I love it when someone tells me that they saw it in the Sixties. "Who used to own this car?" I hate to tell them that my partner and I slaved our asses off and spent every extra dollar we had to build it a couple of years ago … so I usually don't.

Check out this super bad wagon that we scored recently. It's a '63 Plymouth Belvedere 383 4 bbl car with lots of options and it is almost totally complete and very straight. We got it as part of a package deal. I parked it close to the street where everyone can see it as they come in and out of the driveway and they frequently ask me what I'm going to do with it. It's a very sexy looking car, red with a white interior, original big block, lots of chrome, and don't forget the push button automatic!
In 1963, the NHRA recognized the Plymouth and Dodge wagons as legal for competition in A/Stock with the high compression 425 horsepower 426 Max Wedge engine and the lightweight aluminum front end package. It's doubtful that the factory ever actually made the combination, but lots of private racers did, including our engine guru, Dan Dvorak, who held multiple national records with the “Lawman II”, a '63 Dodge 330 wagon. These particular '63s are arguably the most bad-ass stock legal wagons Mopar (or anyone else?) ever made. Look at this picture and imagine the day that this corporate low budget family hauler could be ordered with parts to make it one of the fastest quarter milers in the land. Welcome to my world.

Belvedere Golden Commando Power, baby, read it and weep! This would have been probably the best motor to have for the street in 1963 since the dual quad Maxy needed tuning every quarter mile in the days before good electronic ignition systems. Will anyone ever name a motor the "Golden Commando" again? I can't believe that the Plymouth brand has been scrapped. The world would be a better place with a "Golden Commando" Plymouth Hemi-powered 'Cuda to match the upcoming Challenger.

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