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Give the (Car) People What They Want

I confess that I haven't seen "Who Killed the Electric Car?" yet, but from what I've heard it validates something that we Mopar people have long suspected -- that the big auto manufacturers are literally incapable of giving regular car buying people what they want due to more or less equal amounts of greed, corruption, and incompetence. It's easy to blame big oil addiction, especially when referring to our shamelessly stagnated fuel efficiency figures, but how long have we Mopar faithful waited for gas-sucking RWD muscle cars again? The oil industry could have opened ANWAR if Plymouth had just kept making a V-8 'Cuda. It's also easy to blame regulation in general but I see most of that problem as resistance to regulation. Short-term profitability doesn't mix well with environmental or consumer concerns. Making cars is a "for profit" venture and it's easy to get carried away when it comes to making as much money as possible.

With all due respect to screaming little sh*t boxes like the Mitsubishi Challenger, Shelby Charger, the Omni GLH, the Shadow, the Neon, and all the other ones I don't want to remember, they aren't muscle cars, no matter how fast they are (and they can be very fast). Muscle cars are as much about image as power. How are you supposed to make the scene in a 4-door 4 banger? Why waste time trying?

Well engineered, quality built FWD cars are a benefit to us all, I drive them all the time, but they are ill suited to carry stripes and badges for us boneheads. They are perfect for rice rocket jockeys, soccer moms, and people trying to save gas money driving to school or work. Carroll Shelby did stroke out the ultra muscular Viper and it's a beautiful machine, but it is the Farrah Fawcett poster of sports cars for Mopar folks -- a pretty picture for teenaged boys to hang on the bedroom wall. Yay! When I feel like buying a car instead of a house so I can smoke late model Corvettes, I'll be sure to get one.

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