A Few of Our Favorite Things…

It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by, between being on the road for 105 days racing and attending industry events and putting out this magazine each month, the year has flown by for me. We discovered a lot of great products and services in 2012, some of them stand out so much for their excellence that they’re worth revisiting one more time. Call this the first annual MoparMax Most Magnificent Awards. These are a few of our favorite things of 2012.

Best Electronic Device of the Year: Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System. Back in the March issue we reviewed this remarkable GPS tracking system available from Mopar for all new and used Mopar vehicles with an OBD II port. The system can do far more than track your vehicle in real time and help law enforcement recover your vehicle if stolen anywhere in the country. It can report to you if your vehicle, personal or work, is driven in areas it shouldn’t be or at speeds in excess of what it should be--great for business owners with fleets or parents with children. It can be used to rescue you if you’re stranded and so much more.

Website: www.mopar.com/shop/evts

Best Safety Product of the Year: RPM Rollbars Bolt-In Six Point Rollbar. In May’s issue we declared RPM Rollbar’s bolt-in product for LX/LC cars the best damn rollbar ever. And after living with it for a year we stand by that. RPM combines the knowledge of two gentlemen, one of them has 25 years experience in race car chassis building including alcohol cars and the other has the same amount of experience in robotic manufacturing and welding. Together they created a company that uses computerized design to make true fully legal six-point rollbars for up to 10 second certification that bolt-in in one piece and offer extension kits for up to 8.50 second certification. Our rollbar, because it is assembled and finished outside of the car, came in a beautiful red powder coat that matches our Maulin’ Magnum’s TorRed paint job. And it’s every bit as strong, if not stronger, then any weld-in bar out there. Safety and beauty, it doesn’t get any better.

Website: rpmrollbar.com

Best Comfort Product of the Year: Thermal Window Tinting from Terrific Tint. In June we shared with you the state of the art in thermal window tinting. We’ve come a long way from the days of purple bubbling window tint. Terrific Tint of Mission Viejo, California showed us that modern tint film can be computer cut for precise fit. They taught us that all of your windows, including the moodroof and the windshield can be tinted not only for great looks, but for a high level of heat rejection of the sun’s IR and UV rays. Racing as much in Las Vegas this past summer as we did, we really came to appreciate the difference this cutting edge tint can make in the car’s interior heating. We documented a 22 degree difference in interior temperatures when we left a car with non-thermal window tinting in the sun alongside our test Magnum with the thermal tint. Let us tell you, the difference between 119 degrees on the inside of the car after sitting in the summer sun and 141 degrees is huge. And all of the tint is fully legal. Comfort and beauty, win-win in our book.

Website: www.aterrifictint.com