Rev-N-Nator Test Story

Multi-Tasking ECU
Hot Spark, Rev-Limiter and Tachometer All-In-One!
Protect Your Numbers Matching Engine with the Rev-N-Nator!

Ask any Mopar Performance Parts counter man what his most popular item is and there’s a good chance he’ll tell you it’s the electronic ignition conversion kit. Since its arrival around 1974 for slant six (P3690789), small block V8 (P3690426), low-deck big block V8 (P3690427) and raised-deck big block / 426 Hemi V8 (P3690428) applications, literally tens of thousands of pre-’72 Mopar muscle machines and home brewed hot rods have been fitted with this reliable and easy to install package.

Still offered today, the points-to-breaker-less ignition conversion kits include a performance-curved aluminum distributor to replace the point-type factory item, capacity-matched ballast resistor, time saving wiring harness and most importantly, an Orange box electronic control unit (ECU) for a strong spark up to 6000 rpm (MP sells the Orange box separately as P4120505). Engines turning higher rpms can step up to the 8000 rpm-capable chrome box (P4120534) or 12,000 rpm-capable Super Gold box (P4120600). With less than two hours of effort, the benefit of breaker-less ignition is available at a very affordable price.

But as good as these components are, none of the electronic control units- Orange, Chrome or Super Gold (or any aftermarket unit we’ve ever seen for that matter) – can control runaway engine speed. If you want a rev-limiter to protect your numbers-matching engine from damage caused by missed shifts, driveline breakage or deteriorating track conditions, you’ll need to choose between an electronic piggy-back unit or an old school mechanical tachometer / distributor combo with a cable-driven rev-control function.

Until now. With the R/T Garage’s new Rev-N-Nator ECU, you get a built-in rev-limiter, tachometer and claims of as much as 10 to 40 additional horsepower over other ECU’s. I had to learn more so I asked the folks at R/T Garage for a sample unit and put it to the test on the Dynojet chassis dyno at R.A.D. Automotive Machine.