Boneyard Bonanza: More Groovy Mopars Discovered in Rural Massachusetts

It goes by many names; boneyard, wrecking yard, breaker’s yard (among the Brits), recycling facility, or just plain junkyard. No matter the name, we love scouring these final automotive resting places. It’s not just the lure of discovering rare and valuable cars and parts that attracts us, it’s the things we learn as we examine old and new cars in various stages of disassembly and distress. Where else can you view the inner workings of bodies, engines, transmissions and other sub assemblies? Join us as we make a pass through Bernardston Auto Wrecking (BAW) in Bernardston, MA. In continuous operation for several decades and run by Bud Hastings, BAW is packed with hundreds of vintage cars – many of Mopar descent. Let’s dig in and take a look around!

Though rusty and crusty, this ’66 Charger stands apart from the crowd thanks to its 383 4-speed status. Following Plymouth’s compact Barracuda in the fastback sweepstakes of the mid-sixties, the Charger was moderately successful with 37,344 sold in 1966. This is just one of about a dozen 1966 – ’67 Chargers we found at BAW. We’re digging the subtle Mauve Poly paint, it’s sort of a mix of silver, gold and pink. Its 383, four speed transmission and 8-3/4 rear axle are missing.