All Roads Lead to The Ramchargers

I’ve been missing lots of sleep for the past few days and it’s all because of Dave Rockwell’s new book We Were The Ramchargers. Once I started reading it I was hooked. Stashed by the bed, I’ve been reading it every night before nodding off. The problem is, these reading sessions are supposed to last a half hour or so but have grown to three hours. The book is so good I just keep going until the birds are chirping outside the window and the sun rises.

We Were The Ramchargers is available now from SAE International for $39.95. The high quality hardbound 8-1/2 x 12 book features 270 pages and 242 photos and illustrations. Order yours today at 877-606-7323 or at

You see, when I was a kid of about 12 or so, the year was 1976 and I was a huge Ramchargers fanatic. But unlike author Rockwell, who made like a stray puppy and ingratiated himself among the Rams as a teenager back in the Sixties by just showing up at their match races and volunteering to do minor tasks, my first exposure to the mighty Dodge factory race team came over ten years later and was via model car kits and through Sixties vintage magazine articles in Hot Rod, Car Craft, Super Stockers In Action, Super Stock & Drag Illustrated, Hi-Performance CARS and all the other great titles from the day.