Lights, Camera, Traction Action!

Last month I sang the praises of Jim Amos’ Bee-On Video enterprise and its many offerings of vintage drag race action videos depicting classic altered wheelbase cars in battle. Wouldn’t it be great if those old videos could come to life and all the great cars roar down the track once again?

Without a time machine, that’s impossible, but there are lots of folks across this great land who are keeping the altered wheelbase match racing game alive. I’m one of them, and so is Connecticut resident Gary Gerard. Together we decided to pool our resources and produce a live action video depicting our respective Match Bash altered wheelbase cars on the strip and on the street.

While we’re only mid way through the actual filming and editing process of this 90 minute DVD (due out in January 2010), we recently did a best 2-out-of-3 match race for the cameras up at Lebanon Valley Dragway in New York. Here’s a quick recap of the action.

Gary made the scene in his Flashback, a very faithfully rendered altered wheelbase ’65 Plymouth Belvedere hardtop packing a Dean Nicopolis Race Hemi. As for me, I was driving a Chevy, my Wilshire Shaker ’63 altered wheelbase Nova. Hey, hold on now! I know this is MoparMax but I’ll say right up front that I’m fanatical about virtually all American cars regardless of make. I love ‘em all.

But yes, my deepest roots are with Mopars. I love how Chrysler high performance products always offered the most bang for the buck and how only Chrysler had the balls to step up and offer doomsday devices like the Max Wedge, Street Hemi, Six Pack, Charger Daytona and Super Bird to Joe Average while most of the competing factory-issue super weapons were only made available to a select few.

That said; I built the Wilshire Shaker Nova with as much historically accurate tidbits as possible. Yeah, it has a 502 Chevy big block with Hilborn / Electromotive EFI but the altered wheelbase strategy is straight out of the Chrysler A/FX playbook.