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Cross Country Thrill Ride

I did it, I bought the damned thing. If you’ve been a regular reader of MoparMax you’ll remember that I recently discovered two rare and desirable old Mopars within spitting distance of my temporary digs here in Pasadena, California. If this is all news to you, toggle over to the MoparMax Archives and Search function and look up the July 2008 edition and read the Steve Mags Speaks column.

To quickly re-cap, I wrote about how I’d stumbled on a ’69 Charger R/T and a ’65 273 Four Barrel Dart GT during a bicycle ride. Without giving up the exact street address where these two cars could be found, I offered some pretty specific clues on where you could find them and check to see if they might be for sale.

At the time, I stood back as I’m about to make a permanent move from California to Massachusetts and the last thing I need is another car to add to the burden of the relocation. So I watched and waited to see if you guys would track down the owners of these two cool cars and make the purchase – assuming they were for sale (neither wore a For Sale sign, but we all know cash talks).

Of the two, only the site where the Charger R/T is kept looked different in the days and weeks following my online “outing” of its existence. No, the car never moved and is still sitting where I discovered it months ago. The big difference is the addition of two semi- permanently parked cars in front of the Charger. Now it’s a whole lot harder to see from the street. I get the feeling the owner might have read or heard about my mention of the car here in MoparMax and sought to shield it from scrutiny. I hate to think I might have made him uncomfortable or endangered the cars security. If so, I apologize.

As for the ’65 Dart GT located only one block from the Charger, I watched and waited to see when one of you guys would figure out the location clues and swoop down for the buy. Days and weeks passed but it didn’t move an inch. I concluded that you guys must have tried but the owner wasn’t interested in selling. Why else would the car - a legitimate 273 Four Barrel “hi-po” Dart complete with the original square-tipped exhaust resonator – still be there?

By August 1, the July edition of MoparMax had been replaced by the August edition and the four week Mopar treasure hunt had run its course. With both cars unmoved I figured the owners had spoken loud and clear; “Not For Sale”. Then it happened. As I was riding my bike by the Dart’s location I saw a For Sale sign in the back window! I skidded to a stop and slowly looked at the sign.

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