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I’ve Got PRS

Do you ever get "PRS" this time of year?

Okay, I know, you are asking yourself what the heck is "PRS"? If you are new to drag racing or any racing for that matter, you may not have developed a case of "PRS" yet. If you have been racing for 30 years like I have you probably have "PRS" this time of the year but you might have it confused with "Spring Fever," "Winter Blues," "I want a new job NOW blues" or "Why aren't we using the grill outside yet blues". For me it has been an annual "mood" or "feeling" I get every spring. Do you ever get a feeling like that? Just upset in general that Old Man Weather might be winning this battle and all you want to do is get away for a weekend, be outside and GO RACING!

What is "PRS"? My wonderful wife diagnosed "PRS" in me about 20 years ago. "Pre Race-season Syndrome" is by all accounts the best name for it. I get moody, mad at the weatherman for not telling me it is going to be warm in March, upset by backorders on parts I should have ordered three months ago, and in general I feel like crap. Then it happens, I get a sniff of exhaust fumes from an engine burning 110-octane race gas. I get out in the garage and forget what is on TV that night. I am getting healed again!

Race Season is right around the corner for us guys who live North of I-70.

Okay, maybe it isn't a real serious ailment, but I feel like it is! When we start scheduling events we are going to go to, looking at gate opening times, payouts, entry fees and stocking the motor home with goodies for the weekend I am over my "PRS" again.

Enough on how I struggle when I can't go racing. Let's talk about some real Mopar racing news and views that I have picked up on this month.

  1. Why is it Larry Morgan builds engines that qualify and run great and he can't seem to get everything on the same page and win a race for us Mopar fans?
  2. Erica Enders is back? From what I read it looks like "Double-E" appears to have some sponsors in place and is ready to bring out an Allen Johnson-powered Mopar into the Pro Stock battles again. Personally, I really liked it when she was racing. I am pretty much a groupie for the underdog: I had my Drake basketball team going to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament this week, but that didn't go so well. Half the fans feared Erica might do good and the other half were actually hoping she could break through and get a win. If she has the power, she is about as cool as they get on the start line. In my opinion, someone like WJ should have put her in his car; he could use the help at the tree.
  3. On a personal note we should have the dyno results from the 572" Wedge that Ohio Crankshaft built for us over the winter months. It will feature the new World Products aluminum block, an Ohio Crankshaft 4.5" stroke x 4.500" bore rotating assembly. With help from great companies like Milodon Oil Systems, Comp Cams, Fluidamper, JE Pistons, Total Seal, Jesel, Meziere amd Ron's Fuel Injection, I am looking forward to competing in NHRA Top Dragster and Super Comp this year with the tried and proven "Project 4-Link" dragster. Watch for results on the dyno test in the pages of MoparMax.com
  4. I am looking for a few responses from you MoparMax readers. What type of tech do you really want to read about? Engines, driveline, restorations, Street Car performance? If you don't ask, we can't answer.
  5. Our Editor is all "giddy" about the big increases he has seen in "Unique Visiters" (that's you guys reading the magazine articles) to MoparMax.com magazine. Keep telling your buddies about us, we are the biggest Mopar magazine on the planet. That means you like what we are doing. The thing is... we want to do it even better. Get your elbows off the keyboard and send us a quick email to editor@MoparMax.com about what you want to see happen in the pages of MoparMax.

WOW! My "PRS" is starting to clear up. We actually have a sunny day and temperatures are supposed to hit 50 degrees! (I know, 70 would be a LOT BETTER) Time to start getting ready to go racing; opening day is only three weeks away. Hope they have the ice cleaned off the launch pads!!

If you are going to race - race safe, OK?  

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