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Spring is in the Air and Racing is on my Mind

From the window of my office I can see snow falling at a rate of about one inch per hour. The bad news is it is supposed to snow for about six to eight more hours! I am so over winter… or least I thought I was. I have been checking the different forums that have race results on them and I see familiar names and some new names going to the Winner's Circles. WOW, does it feel good to be thinking about Spring and racing again.

With wind chills of -20 degrees and snow falling like crazy it is difficult to think about actually racing. I guess Winter does one thing for us who live in the Northern part of the United States, we REALLY appreciate warm weather, green grass and rain! Each year it seems the winters get longer. I hear a lot on the evening news about Global Warming... yeah, right, those guys should come to Iowa in January and February instead of having their meetings on global warming at some resort in the Caribbean Islands! Politicians... can't they just go away and leave us alone?

Well, the NHRA Winternationals and the CSK Nationals at Phoenix are complete and pretty much the same old names are on top again. I will say, it was refreshing to see V. Gaines win Pro Stock in his Dodge at Phoenix. Has NHRA thought about what they are going to say on TV when their Top Fuel or Funny Car class doesn't have a full field? It is getting pretty weak out there all ready. When some of the under-funded teams have to stay home how will it look on TV to have bye runs on Sunday's show? Maybe they will have to "book in" a few match race teams to fill the field?

I can't believe John Force wants more than four cars or Don Schumacher would want more than the four or five teams he already has. Then there is Connie Kalitta, three Top Fuel cars and at least one Funny Car. Did you catch the deal on Kalitta about him owning 23 Boeing 747 cargo planes? I know he has a lot of smaller jets as well. I guess that makes the $700 a barrel for nitro insignificant, huh?

Three owners and they have about 25% of the Pro cars at each event. What if they get tired of throwing millions away every year? Does NHRA have a plan now that HD Partners took a hike?

As a Mopar guy, it was really nice to see Allen Johnson get the number 1 qualifying spot in Pro Stock. The way I understand it, they are pretty much a self-funded team again. Doing their own engine program and taking care of their own funding. Congrats to them for hanging in there with the Corporate Boys!

Larry Morgan is churning out Hemi Pro Stock engines that are getting in the field, yet he is not! What's up with that? Could it be that he is actually providing his customers with his best stuff? WOW! That would be unique in today's business world, wouldn't it?

Do any of you readers really like how the Funny Cars look now? Do you think manufacturers should spend their stockholders’ money on cars that at least resemble a production car? Maybe it's just me, but that Toyota "thing" just about makes me gag.

Where are you Mopar owners going to race this year? Chrysler Classic Events? Local Mopar club races? Big Bucks bracket races? Just stay around home and race local events?

I will be taking the Trailer Toad "on the road" to display at race events across the country. Hope I get to meet some MoparMax.com readers. If you see us sitting in the pit area with a couple of Trailer Toads on display, stop by and say "Hi." We look forward to meeting our readers. Don't know what a Trailer Toad is? Check it out at www.trailertoad.com. Sure, that was a shameless plug, so what. It's my column.

What about the Hemi Shootouts? Have any of you been to one of those? I was at the one in Indy last September and I was IMPRESSED! The guys with those cars are making a lot of horsepower and know a thing or two about providing a "show" for the fans. I think even the Chevy guys have to admit seeing a Hemi-Cuda in Super Stock trim run 8.80s is pretty damn cool!

Are you racing a muscle car? I mean one that is probably worth more money in stock condition that it is all modified. If you have a unique Mopar Muscle Car that is actually raced, do me a favor. Send me a couple photos and a short story about it. I am trying to resurrect the "My Mopars" monthly feature. It will ONLY work if you guys send me the pictures and information. Now it is your hands and let's see what we get.

Well, it's still snowing and I am going to go mix a little Sunoco Race Fuel in the snow blower fuel tank for tomorrow morning. If I have to remove eight inches of snow it is at least going to "smell good" while I do it.

I hope your race preparations are going well and your season starts off with a win or two. I can't wait to get out there and make some noise.

Until then: Mopar-2-U! 

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