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How is your Project Car coming along?

Most of you that read this magazine are tried and true Mopar freaks and that is a GOOD THING, I am too. Some of you know that I had some bad luck with my Mopar engines last season (I blew them both up!). To that end we have started a total rebuild or maybe you could call it a "redesign" of the 572 cubic inch wedge that served us so well.

We will be using a World Products aluminum block that we ordered in the 4.490” bore so it could be finish honed to fit the pistons. We will use the six-year-old Indy 440-1 hand-ported heads, the same cam, a new 572” rotating assembly from Ohio Crankshaft, Milodon steel pan and their dual-line oil system and pump. We are going to start with the Ron’s Terminator fuel injection but since we are going to do some S/Comp racing I may have to switch to an APD gas carburetor if we can’t figure out the fuel injection throttle-stop racing in a hurry. The chassis will be the same one that we built, and more readers have read about than any other project car in history, in 2001 (“Project 4-Link in sister publication DragRacingOnline.com”)  It is still winning races so we hope that will continue.

We will be covering the engine building and dyno tests in the upcoming two months as Ohio Crankshaft will be taking care of that for us. I hope you will follow the “Project 572” series as we get to the basics of how to make a big-inch Mopar reliable and powerful for a reasonable amount of money.

That brings up a subject I have mentioned before but we never got much response. “What about your Mopar projects?” As a Mopar-oriented magazine we are always looking for some great tech articles, some car features that will interest readers and someone’s plan for the next interesting Mopar. Most of you know I am not much of a car-show fan so if your project is about the paint job, some chrome, road racing or drifting or the secrets of VIN numbers I don’t really care. Sorry. I am a drag racer and also enjoy going to stock car races. If your tech or projects are about making power, restoring a muscle-car engine or some drag strip tips THEN I am interested.

You do not have to be a great writer to write good tech stories. Trust me, I should know, I could barely type six years ago and I am still working on my spelling, but editor Jeff Burk has let me “do my thing” and it has been fun. If you think your project”is special, email me and we can see what you have. If you have come up with a great new “gizmo” that you think Mopar guys would like to hear about or see, let me know about it. This month I am putting the ball in your court and we will see how you do in getting us your ideas, accomplishments and plans for 2008.

What else can I do, it’s -12 degrees this morning, snow and ice everywhere and the ol’ PT Cruiser won’t fire. I have the coffee made so it’s back to the computer.

I hope you all had a great holiday and remember… The 2008 racing season is just around the corner. Good luck and let’s hear about those ideas! 

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