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Run with the big dogs or stay on the porch

Well, it’s August already. I know, the Elephant Cage has been on hiatus a few months as the heat of the summer has not been kind to the Hemi Warriors. This month’s topic is the Indy 2008 Mopar Hemi Challenge. Who will come out and win this jewel crown of class racing? There are 28 cars entered in the U.S. Nationals. I’m going to break down the top ten players (in my opinion). I will then post the latest ET stats on all SS/AH racers for the 2008 season.
An odds on favorite for the Mopar Hemi Challenge win at Indy right now goes to Charlie Westcott Jr and the famous “War Fish” Barracuda. Westcott will win the season Mopar Hemi Challenge Championship without even going a round the rest of the year with his comfortable lead. This race is Charlie’s to lose if you go by the numbers. But we don’t race on paper.

Right on Charlie’s tail is his customer and west coast hitter John Raines and his “Heli Hemi” Dart. John was runner up to Charlie at the JEGS Cajun SportsNationals Hemi Challenge. John is running great numbers right now. Will the customer beat the engine man?

Bucky Hess and his new “King Cuda” The new PMR-built and Joe Clark-powered Barracuda is coming along. Bucky’s biggest thing is getting too aggressive. If Bucky can make this car do the same every round, watch out.

After those three, I have four good cars that I don’t know where to place them. Don’t get me wrong, any of the seven could win at any given time. Charlie Westcott Sr., Larry Woo, Jim Pancake and Rick Houser are great Hemi Warriors.

Charlie Westcott Sr ’68 Barracuda (Stick Shift) Charlie is the MPH king of the bunch and really could shine on the heated track of Indy. Jackson Engine Tech double-teaming helps also.

Larry WooHaugh & Woo” Barracuda Larry has proven that he is a real player of the shootouts with a few final rounds appearances. Big plus, man, this guy can cut some good reaction times.

Jim Pancake “Carriage Town” Dodge Dart Big Jim will be in the thick of things. He has really been working hard to get his combination back. Jim had a runner up finish at the Vegas Mopar Hemi Challenge this year.

Rick Houser, DeFrank & Sons ’68 Barracuda Rick has been up and down all year on his tune up. Never count out the West Coast hitter when it comes to these shootouts. Just like Woo, this man can drive the starting line.

David Barton, Mahan & Barton Barracuda David is a great driver will be in the mix. Ray Barton Racing Engines is working hard to make David a player at Indy.

J. Allen Sherman, Southland Performance Barracuda J. Allen is one half of another double team shot at winning the Hemi Challenge. J. Allen, a proven “hired gun,” knows how to go rounds.

Joe Teuton III, Southland Dodge & International Barracuda The Southland Performance ace is stablemates with J. Allen; they are starting to come around and run some impressive numbers. “Lil Joe” will be in the thick of things for sure.

Rest of the pack

Well, there are 18 other drivers wanting to prove me wrong on my picks and, hey, maybe they will. Never count out anybody. Hope it’s a great event.

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