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The biggest event for the SS/AH class cars is coming up at the NHRA US Nationals. This issue will cover the entries for the big dance. Right now there are thirty entries with one maybe getting completed in time. The entry list is a who’s who in the SS/AH wars of the last ten years. Here’s the top ten in my stats (as of August 1) who are going to Indy and my thoughts on how things have gone for them so far this year.

BUCKY HESS, 8.463. Bucky has not run any of the shootouts of 2007 and his .40 run was made at Atco. When he raced at other places this year he was right with the others, so it’s going to be interesting to see what game Bucky brings to the table at Indy with his Clark-powered Cuda.

FRED HENSON 8.489. Fred has the Dart running strong. He is one of the first to get into the 40’s with his Jackson Engine Tech prepared Dodge Dart. Fred goes rounds and wins races with this car. Look for him in the late rounds for sure at Indy.

CHARLIE WESTCOTT JR., 8.598. What can you say about CW Jr. He has won the big one the last two years and also won the Cajun Hemi Shootout earlier this year. Charlie has not dipped into the .40’s as of yet.  He has not really raced where the conditions warranted those kinds of runs to be made. Look for the War Fish to see the final round again. Charlie heads up his own engine operation and will be having five cars in the event.

JIM PANCAKE, 8.603. Jim has had his Barton-powered Dart running really well the first of the year and as of late has been searching for the winning combo again. With the help of chassis master John Holt he hopes to have the Carriage Town Chrysler-Plymouth Dart ready for battle come class time at Indy.

BOB WOLKWITZ, 8.604. The Wolkwitz brothers brought this new Barton powered Barracuda out at Gainesville and started running well out of the box. They are top runners, but just need that little extra to get into the late rounds.

RANDY HOPKINS, 8.638. Randy has teamed up with veteran Hemi racer Jim Hale. They took off running good from the get go. Randy’s big problem this year has been keeping the car from eating parts. If things stay together, I see for him to go rounds.

CHARLIE WESTCOTT SR., 8.639. Here is the second Barracuda out of the Jackson Engine Tech garage. This car has been coming on like gangbusters and it’s a stick shift car to boot. Look for this car to go rounds if the track can hold it. It’s the fastest stick car ever in SS/AH and could be the fastest car in SS/AH if they get the clutch figured out.

LARRY WOO, 8.679. Here is a guy that came from championship skeet shooting to racing in Hemi shootouts. He went rounds at the Cajun event and he has proven he can drive these cars. With the Jackson Engine Tech horsepower in his Cuda, look out; he could be a sleeper for sure.

RICK HOUSER, 8.686. The Californian comes to the big dance with a win under his belt already for the 2007 season. He won the Mopars at the Strip Shootout in April with his DeFrank & Son’s Barracuda. Rick is a great driver and is on a mission at Indy and hopes to complete it.

JOHN RAINES, 8.688. He is another West Coaster making the trip east and is no stranger to Indy. John will have a new bullet in his Heli-Hemi Dart from Westcott’s Jackson Engine Tech. John has run good numbers, but has had some parts problems this year.
Twenty other drivers are entered into Indy. There are great drivers like David Barton, Darrell Marvel and Jim Daniels. Some West Coasters coming to play are Norman Scott, Dave Raybourn and Joe Faherty.

One team missing from the 2007 entry list is the West Coast Hemi team of Michael Ogburn, Harry Holton & Jerry Jenkins. The team has taken some time off due to some health issues in the team as Holton and Jenkins have been under the weather. Get well soon guys!  It’s always great to see those three cars in the mix of the battle.  

Here is the rest of the 2007 US Nationals SS/AH Entries:

David Barton, ‘68 Barracuda    Jim Keyes, ‘68 Barracuda
Joe Teuton III, ‘68 Barracuda  Geoffrey Turk, ‘68 Barracuda
Wendell Howes, ‘68 Barracuda Mark Howes  ‘68 Dart
John Gifford, ‘68 Barracuda  Jim Daniels, ‘68 Dart
Gary Jacob, ‘68 Dart Gary Wolkwitz, ‘68 Dart
Al Smyth III, ‘68 Barracuda   Chuck Comella , ‘68 Dart
Bob Burch, ‘68 Dart   Bob Brooks, ‘68 Barracuda
Stewart Way, ‘68 Barracuda Matt Hensley, ‘68 Barracuda
Randy Warford, ‘68 Barracuda   Darrell Marvel, ‘68 Barracuda
Norman Scott, ‘68 Barracuda  Joe Faherty , ‘68 Dart

And the maybe on the list is Tony DePillo in a new stick shift ‘68 Barracuda. His car is in the paint shop. 

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