I’m one of you. Long before my first article or big name interview and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been a stock car fan. So for that reason, my name doesn’t matter and neither does my photo. It’s more like we’re just sitting here in the grandstand before the race, talking about Dodges and NASCAR. Hey, you want a cold one? --JC

On being PO’d

At the risk of creatin’ one a them stupid computer words like LOL or OMG, I done made up a list of things that piss me off about racin’. To make it easier for me to rant – not that I expect anyone to actually read this crap - I’m calling it my ‘IPMOT’ list. And, of course, that stands for ‘It Pisses Me Off That…’.

IPMOT racing cost so “#@*+!” much. I want folks to get out there and find out that, as I said once on TV and caught Hell for it, (I think it was in the Bible Belt) “Racin’ is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.” I want folks to get together with their friends and neighbors and build a car and go race that sucker at the local track and have all that big fun. Then when they go to a NASCAR or ARCA race, they can really appreciate what all those guys do from bringing back a car from a near spin to building a big ass motor to goin’ over the wall and changing four tires and gassin’ up in 13 seconds.

IPMOT tickets cost so dang much that regular folk can’t afford ‘em more often. ‘Specially now. I like it when families make a day of going to a race. And by tickets, I mean ALL the stuff we buy when we all go racin’. This here goes for local racing, too.

IPMOT motels near a race cost so much for the same as above. Jeez, ya already know the motel is gonna sellout. Now you gotta raise the rent? Three-day minimums? My big ol’ hairy butt!

IPMOT NASCAR does not have a regular doctor, medical team and trauma meat wagon like those Indy car guys do. Instead, they rely on locals that may not know all they can about their patients. This is one time when them cigar tube racers have it all over NASCAR.

IPMOT there are no more real ‘characters’ in racing. Guys like Curtis Turner, Joe Weatherly, Smokey Yunick and even as recent as Darrell Waltrip made racing more entertainin’ and fun for everyone. They done brought out the ‘people’ aspect of our sport. Our guys today are good, but when was the last time you heard one a them talking like John Force? Trash Talk is the people equivalent of the burnout after the win. It’s all fun.

IPMOT Dale Earnhardt didn’t listen to Bill Simpson ‘bout how to mount seat belts.

IPMOT that Dale was taken from us #1. I’m thinkin’ he coulda got one more title before laughing his way to retirement ‘bout now. Imagine that – eight titles!

IPMOT that Dale was taken from us #2. I’d bet the farm that trouble at DEI would not be anywhere near what it is today. Bet Jr. would still be there, too. I wonder what he’d say ‘bout the latest DEI deal.

IPMOT guys like Dale, Alan Kulwicki, Davey Allison, Adam Petty, Kenny Irwin and everybody that died did so while racing. That includes fans, crew guys, officials and even us media pukes. Racin’ is supposed to be fun.