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A Satellite Swan Song

I find it hard to believe I am saying this but I am…my beloved yellow ’66 Satellite is for sale. Yup, that’s right. On the block. To who I don’t know. More than likely it will go to somebody in another country with a decent economy and currency that is worth something. It’s a sad day but it is time to move on. Our days in the sun were many and now it is maybe once a month that she sees the light of day. Sure $4.25 a gallon fuel has something to do with it too but it is deeper than pure economics.

I am lightening the load and I will keep the wagon and the incomplete ’65 Belvidere. I decided to keep the old ’65 for several reasons. The main one is that the Belvy will be a car that I built. Short of stamping the steel it will be pretty much all my handiwork whereas the Satellite is not. I’ve done lots of work on the Satellite to be sure, and it was the rolling laboratory for Bobo Tech in Gearhead for years, but it is not all me. Another winning quality of the ’65 is that not too many people recognize it as a muscle car which is a good thing in my book. The profile is just a little lower and I like that. Not that the ’66 is a “true” muscle car either, but it does get the “hey is that a GTX?” question occasionally.

Yes it is time to move on. Me and the ‘ol gal did a lot together and over the years she proved herself a reliable and true friend. She never got me into too much trouble and thanks to her good looks got me out of “dutch” more than once. I knew the cops were Mopar sympathizers when they would ask a question like “That thing got a suregrip?” right after asking “Do you have a drinking problem Mr. Thomson?” Once, way back before they put stop signs on Harrison street here in San Fran, I lit ‘em hard at 17th and let ‘er rip all out down to 19th and got pulled at 20th. The comment from the female officer was, “Nice burnout, 440 in there?” “No. 383” I replied to a raised eyebrow and a “Do it again and I will take you to jail.” I had to really swallow hard because I knew I had just gone about 75mph and truly did deserve jail and being cuffed by her didn’t seem so bad either. I eeked out a “thank you ma’am” and burbled away at 20mph.

Another economic factor is that once “yaller” is gone, the money will be put towards finishing the Belvy which has been on and off jacks for nearly 6 years now. I never seem to have enough dough to spread around after buying guitars and music gear so this time the funds are clearly earmarked and the Belvidere will roll. My own personal monster. My funky creation! IT LIVES! Well, hopefully soon, there’s still a lot to do. It might or might not race on the salt under sanctioned conditions but it will go there at least once and get a taste… hopefully before gasoline is 8 bucks a gallon.

So what do I expect to get for a non-stock ’66 Satellte with a 383 four barrel? I’ve seen stockers not make reserve at 6k USD so I really don’t know. This car is unique and you could not build it this way for 6k, not in a million years. I’ll just have to find out for myself. Maybe no one but me will be able to appreciate it and I’ll have to keep it. The question is where, and for how long, can I keep it if I cannot get a reasonable sum for her. That’s too far in the future for me. Remember, I’m a musician and the future isn’t something I ever give much thought to. Gonna play it by ear and see how it goes. In the meantime, when I do take her out, she’s gonna get it good.  

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