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So Shoot Me

When I buy a car mag at the newsstand I expect to read about cars, people who build or drive cars, and any and all ancillary topics pertaining to cars. The magazines that are out there do a reasonable job within their respective editorial or commercial confines of providing me with this information. Some like to get into politics too.

Politics have relevance to our hobby only when it comes to legislation that might affect the hobby. Most of this legislation starts with the best intentions and then winds up going for environmental grace by attacking what might be the smallest segment of cars on the road. I don’t mind being informed of such legislation but I do mind it when the information comes wrapped in a bunch of name-calling and cries to gut the EPA and the endangered species act. I am not a “wacko” because I believe in wilderness and places without roads. Not all legislation to help clean the air or cut down on carbon emissions is a bad idea. Every little bit helps. Do you have children, or have friends and loved ones that do? What sort of world will they get to live in? When it comes to clunker bills you can bet I wrote my representatives and pitched my two cents on what a crummy idea they are.

I really love history and it sure is cool to see articles on the near super human efforts put forth by the men and women of this country during times of war to crank out the materials required. Why do little jabs at “lefties” need to be included? What purpose does it serve? I enjoy stories about our people in uniform but I find it shameful to use said stories as a platform to point fingers at liberals. Imagine putting your life on the line every day in a total war zone and having your story used by someone in the safety of their own home to make a petty political point.

When the topic is global warming these same journalists get even more rabid. You can believe whatever you like but the world is getting warmer and Greenland is melting. Sure, the Earth’s temperature fluctuates in cycles, but the amount of carbon in the atmosphere didn’t get there on its own. And there is more of it than ever before and the Earth is warming pretty darn quickly. Go ahead and hurl all the names you want. I am siding with the rest of the globe and the scientific community in believing that we have something to do with climate change and we can do something to alleviate it.

It seems that name-calling and hurling playground insults is in fashion. Somehow, vindictive talk radio culture is sneaking its way into just about everywhere, even my car rags. What a shame that people who might be sporting a “United We Stand” bumper sticker feel a need to alienate and divide by making fun of those who might have a different viewpoint. It falls in line with the whole “red state vs. blue state” garbage the media invented to keep us confused and afraid of each other.

Maybe these automotive journalists think they are preaching to the choir. Maybe they assume that their readership is just like they are in every way. Maybe they really think that they are hilarious. If I want offensive humor I’ll go rent Borat again.  For the record: I am a Mopar drivin’, racin’, fixin’, writin’, tree huggin’, anti corporate government, anti fascist, full on democratic socialist, universal health care lovin’, gun control advocatin’, pro-choice, anti war, friendly, beer drinkin’, fun lovin’, AMERICAN.

There, I’m “out”, so to speak. I fly my freak flag just below the Stars and Bars and I do it with pride. Next time someone says “You car folk are all alike” you can go ahead and tell ‘em it ain’t so. Let’s leave the politics to the politicians and the op ed. page. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, this column’s goin’ back into cars, MOPAR CARS, full time. Dual four barrels anyone? 

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