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Mopar and Dodge make their presence known in drag racing


Reviving the Manufacturers’ Midway


Words and photos by Chris Haverly

For us old timer drag racers, a walk through the Manufacturers Midway at an NHRA National event used to mean a handful of decals, free stuff, and a look at all the hot new products on the market. Well, things change. Decals are hard to come by and there are not as many displays as there used to be, with more souvenir trailers than anything on the Midway today.


Chevrolet and Toyota have displays at most races, especially the U.S. Nationals, but now Dodge and Mopar have taken a page from the 1970's and have gone all-in with their display. They now have one of the largest presences on the Manufacturers’ Midway at some events.

Mopar and Dodge became more involved with the launching of the Factory Stock Showdown at NHRA. Top Fuel racer Leah Pritchett was the 2018 Factory Stock champion in her Angry Bee Drag Pak Challenger.


It is at the NHRA races featuring the Factory Stock Shootout series, most recently in Bristol, Tenn., for the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals on June 14-16. It has a little of everything for everyone, even if you aren't a Mopar lover. Free stuff, decals -- they even have two Demon Challengers set up on simulators so you can race your friends!

They also have some pretty ladies to help you get a spray-on tattoo, get more information about Mopar cars and parts, as well as give out back packs and Mopar collectable cars.

With all of the SRT lineup on display, you can either decide on a Hellcat or Demon or (like me) just look and wish!

It is great to see Dodge taking an active role in the sport again. The late '60s and early '70s Mopar always had huge displays and free stuff for their fans. Let's hope that the rules makers and the powers that be don't do anything to run them or any other of the manufacturers off. We need all brands on the track. Free stuff and muscle cars for the street -- it’s the 1970's all over again!  




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