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Low Profile Hellcat Intercooler Manifolds

If you’re lucky enough to be swapping a Hellcat into a vintage Mopar, you’ll find that plumbing the supercharger intercoolers to the air-to-water radiator can be quite a challenge. The thick factory intercooler manifolds just don’t bode well for custom applications, not to mention the unsightly rubber hoses used from the factory. The team at Schwartz Performance decided to resolve this issue with their new Low Profile Intercooler Manifolds. Schwartz designed a very shallow housing that can mount to either side of the engine and directs the coolant through a pair of -10 AN fittings. This design, which is over an inch leaner than the obtuse factory units, allows the intercooler hoses to be routed on either side of the engine so best suit your application. The Billet Manifolds retain outlets for the factory temp sensor and bleeder valve for original functionality. The Billet Intercooler Manifold Kit is supplied with a left-hand and right-hand manifold, four -10 ORB AN adapters, an 1/8” NPT Allen plug, -10 to NPT adapter (for the temp sensor) and a -10 Allen plug. Schwartz also offers two optional -10 AN hoses to connect the manifolds together.

2018 Ram 3500 Pro-Truck Lift System

Built upon decades of off-road racing victory, the Eibach PRO-TRUCK-LIFT system combines a series of PRO-LIFT-KIT springs and PRO-TRUCK Sport shocks to create a perfectly tuned suspension system engineered for both, on and off-road performance. Each PRO-TRUCK-LIFT is designed and tested to deliver maximum ride height without compromising the integrity of factory bushings, ball joints and other components. With the same spring technology found in our ERO off-road race springs, the block resistant PRO-LIFT-KIT springs can be taken to the limit mile after mile ensuring consistent performance and ride height. Matched with our heavy duty PRO-TRUCK Sport shock system, this combination is capable of handling anything in its path. Precision shock valving allows compliance over large obstacles and control through rough terrain while also improving on road comfort and performance.

Jeep Wrangler JL Screamer Catback Exhaust System

Quick Time Performance introduces the Screamer Exhaust System for the 2018+ Jeep JL 3.6L. The only dual mode exhaust system for the Jeep Wrangler. One outlet is the muffled side and the other outlet is the straight piped side. Features: electric dual mode exhaust system, total user control over power & sound, direct bolt-on using stock hanger locations, USA 2.5” 304 stainless steel pipe, dual 4” 304 stainless steel tips polished or coated black. Includes exhaust system, valve, wiring, toggle switch and all mounting hardware. Optional wireless remote can be programmed to remote link.



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