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Diablosport Trinity T2 Programmer

The Devil Temps Us Again


Photos courtesy Diablosport

As we’ve written in these pages before, we love our Diablosport Trinity T-1000 hand held programmer. As the MoparMax Maulin’ Magnum is now making over 950 hp and running 9.8’s in the quarter mile, we still use the factory PCM and custom Arrington tunes uploaded to our Trinity.


Yes, even with our boosted engine having an effective 16.5:1 compression ratio at WOT running 116 octane leaded race fuel, we’ve not yet had cause to change to a full race PCM. In addition to the custom tunes being quickly swapped and uploaded, we use the data logging features extensively. We also use our Trinity to fine tune the car at the race track, where we adjust fuel and spark at the launch RPM to slow down or speed up the car’s reaction time off the line. And of course, you can use Diablosport’s canned tunes for your stock or bolt-on modded HEMI.


We started using our Trinity back in 2013 when the Magnum was a true street/strip car driving to races all around the southwestern United States. It has served us well from then to now, so why would we change?


We’re about to change because Diablosport announced the new Trinity 2 (T2) at the SEMA Show this year. We haven’t had a chance to get hands on with the new units yet (we will soon and will be going in-depth in an upcoming article) so for now all we can do is pass on Diablosport’s information and photos. According to Diablosport:


The new, capacitive touch screen offers an experience unlike any other on the marketplace for tuning and monitoring cars, trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. T2 units began shipping December 31, 2017.


With changes far beyond a simple “facelift,” the new look with T2 is best-in-class and surpasses every other product on the market today when it comes to functionality and features available. The all-new T2 includes the extensive vehicle tuning coverage that has made Diablo a market leader. Additionally, Diablo is excited to offer a monitor-only device (the MX) which will serve as an innovative gauge cluster, and data acquisition device, for those not seeking performance programming or those who already own a tuner and just want gauges and data.


Trinity 2 Key Features:


  • New enclosure with thin, sleek look for sharp on dash display
  • Capacitive touch 5-inch color screen offering swipe functionality
  • All-new customization options for gauge and screen layout configuration
  • Diesel application coverage adding up to 100 HP & 250 ft-lb TQ
  • Gas application coverage adding up to 90 HP & 90 ft-lb TQ
  • Extensive data-logging and storage capability
  • Works with DiabloSport's DataViewer software
  • High Speed read and write capabilities via improved hardware infrastructure
  • New SKU structure including 50-state legal and race use only applications
  • Available for use with DiabloSport's CMR Software
  • "EX" SKUs include performance programming and monitoring options
  • "MX" SKU PN 9050 is monitor/data logger only
  • "Platinum" SKUs include the capability to store and deliver custom tunes created by 3rd party tuners using Diablo’s CMR software


Simply put: The DiabloSport Trinity 2 (T2) will be the best looking performance programmer and monitor combo on the market.




Website: www.diablosport.com

Phone: 866-404-6141



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